Real Vision Review: One Of The Best For Crypto (2023)

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Welcome to our Real Vision review.

Real Vision is one of the trusted sources we use on Crypto24. Real Vision crypto insights have proven to be of the highest quality. As a world-renowned organization, it was an easy call for us to include them.

So, it would do Real Vision a disservice not to feature them in a spotlight article!

Let’s get started. What is the Real Vision?

Real vision review

Let’s take a look at the top 16 things you should know about Real Vision, who they are, and what they do.

  1. Real Vision Finance is a financial media and education platform that provides content from financial experts. The aim is to help you, the user, become a better investor.
  2. Who owns Real Vision? The company was founded in 2014 by Raoul Pal and Damian Horner. 
  3. Raoul Pal is the financial expert behind Real Vision. He had previously worked as a hedge fund manager and one of the managing directors at Goldman Sachs. His responsibilities included hedge fund sales in equities and equity derivatives. He is known for his macroeconomic research and commentary, and has a keen interest in cryptocurrency. 
  4. Notably,  Raoul has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and Financial Times, amongst other publications.
  5. Damien Horner is a world-class creative director responsible for the visual, written, and tonal style of Real Vision. His background as Brand Development Director and Strategy Director includes working with many prestigious clients over the years. Examples include JK Rowling, Tesco, Universal Records, Microsoft, and Stephen King.
  6. Real Vision offers top-quality video content on finance and investing. Their media often features guests from a number of industries, all experts in their respective fields.
  7. The Real Vision YouTube channel covers several financial areas, such as macro trends, strategies for trading, and investments.
  8. In general, their media is on the longer side. Most videos last 20 to 60 minutes, allowing for more detailed analysis and in-depth discussions.
  9. Real Vision Crypto is free for its users. On the other hand, Real Vision also has the option for a paid subscription. This allows users to access a larger library of media and various premium content on top.
  10. You can tune in to the Real Vision podcast in its different forms. Every day, users can listen to the Daily Briefing, which (unsurprisingly) runs every day. Then, there are their interviews which are posted once a week on average. The RealVision Crypto Report is posted once a month. Lastly, they have the Adventures in Finance series, which does not follow a strict schedule.
  11. Real Vision Finance interviewees are often prominent names in the finance world. Examples are Ray Dalio, Kyle Bass, and Jim Rogers.
  12. Notably, Real Vision Finance’s content is intended for professional investors and amateur traders alike. Their content aims to be accessible without alienating any category of user.
  13. They have even produced several finance and investing documentaries. These include “The Big Story: Emerging Markets” and “The End Game.”
  14. Relatedly, Real Vision Finance has won several awards. For their production “The Brave New World of Cannabis,” they won the 2019 Webby Award for Best Documentary Series.
  15. Lastly, Real Vision Finance even hosts live events. Their most popular offering is the Real Vision Finance Festival.
  16. Overall, Real Vision Finance’s mission is to offer an objective, reliable analysis of different financial markets. They are achieving this goal steadily, as their community is constantly growing across the globe.


This concludes our Real Vision review. You should now have plenty of reasons to give them a follow and pay attention to one of the best crypto resources available. With all its positive aspects, why wouldn’t you? Real Vision was a clear pick for us to include in Crypto24’s sources.

Check out their Youtube here.