Crypto Warehouse: All you need to know (2023)

Crypto Warehous

Crypto Warehouse is a YouTube channel operated by friends Julian, Mike, and Brogan. Their channel is packed with insightful videos covering all things crypto-related.

At Crypto Warehouse, the team covers a wide range of topics, including crypto and Bitcoin news, market analysis, education, perspective, and opinion. Whether you’re interested in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, NFTs, altcoins, metaverse, mining, trading, investing, technology, or anything else related to crypto, this channel has got you covered.

But that’s not all – the team at Crypto Warehouse also strives to help their viewers understand crypto by sharing their own experiences and lessons learned.

Their videos and streams are both informational and entertaining, making them a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about the crypto world.

They are also providing a lot of additional content on their Twitter feed, ranging from covering individual projects to interesting, current news.

We had the pleasure of having a short interview with them, where you can get to know them even better. Enjoy!

1. What do you think will be the surprise of the next crypto bull market?

Good question. Our two picks will be:

AI coins – although there has been a huge pump already, it will not surprise us to see a huge influx of money into AI and crypto-related AI. There are several seasoned projects which haven’t seen much love (Ocean/Fetch etc.), which we expect to do well over the next three years.

Gaming coins: the lag between blockchain-based game development and launch has caused a few false dawns. However, Gala, Star Atlas, Earth from Another Sun, etc. are building through the bear market, and we see gaming tokens as another big 10x-20x success.

2. Can you describe Crypto Warehouse in two words?

Promoting adoption

3. What will cause the most disruption in the crypto space in the next two years?

A combination of AI and gaming. We need gaming to drive the adoption of the next wave of users. AI will allow metaverses and games to really take on a real-world feel. Once fully integrated, they will drive users and adoption. This is the key.

4. What is your biggest love and your biggest pet peeve of crypto social media?

Having experienced the dawn of the internet and its adoption in the early 2000s (yes, we are that old), the parallels are there for all of us old enough to see. The willingness to help each other build the internet was amazing. It was a real feeling of revolution and togetherness. This is our takeaway.
With all new technologies, you get bad apples. Individuals or groups who try and exploit the technology for illegal gains. As we have seen, FTX, Celsius, and 3AC have caused some reputational damage to the industry. You cannot damage the long-term crypto/blockchain ecosphere, but you can give governments reason to suppress it because of their actions.

Check out their Youtube and Twitter channels.