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Welcome to our article on Crypto Tips, a popular YouTube channel that provides educational content about cryptocurrency. Our article will talk about Crypto Tips and its creator, Heidi Chakos, to highlight some of the work she has done for the crypto space. This will give you ample explanation as to why we picked Crypto Tips as one of our sources for Crypto24.

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Crypto Tips YouTube Channel

Here are the top 12 things to know about Heidi Chakos’ Crypto Tips:

  1. Crypto Tips was launched in 2017 by Heidi Chakos, a cryptocurrency enthusiast and educator
  2. The Crypto Tips YouTube channel offers content related to cryptocurrency, including news updates, analysis, trading tips, and interviews with industry experts
  3. Heidi has a background in finance and previously worked as a financial analyst before becoming interested in cryptocurrency
  4. Heidi Chakos’ YouTube work has netted nearly 200,000 subscribers for Crypto Tips. With roughly 1000 videos uploaded, Crypto Tips has received just under 16 million views across its media at the time of writing.
  5. The channel is known for its educational content and has been praised for its clear and concise explanations of complex cryptocurrency concepts
  6. Heidi Chakos’ husband also produces content for the channel, with less crypto-focused content and more general market discussion. 
  7. Amongst its standalone videos, Crypto Tips has produced several popular series. These include “Crypto Investing”, “Crypto for Beginners”, and “Crypto for Parents”, which can be viewed as a single playlist on the Crypto Tips YouTube channel page.
  8. Other than news and investment information, Crypto Tips has covered (and attended) a range of cryptocurrency and blockchain events. Examples include the Consensus conference and the Blockchain Economic Forum.
  9. Crucially, Heidi is a strong advocate for decentralization, privacy, and individual sovereignty. These are topics of frequent discussion on Crypto Tips.
  10. Over the years, Crypto Tips has partnered with some major companies in the cryptocurrency industry, including Ledger. By having these firms sponsor her channel, Heidi can offer exclusive deals and discounts for her viewers.
  11. In general, the Crypto Tips community appreciates the quality of the video content, as well as Heidi’s engaging and personable presentation style.
  12. Heidi’s goal with Crypto Tips is to provide accessible and accurate information about cryptocurrency. The content can be especially useful to crypto newbies who want to get started in the industry as investors or users.


This concludes our spotlight article on the Crypto Tips YouTube channel. Crypto Tips is considered a top-quality resource in the crypto space, and Heidi’s passion will definitely leave an impression. Her interest in the crypto industry and her efforts to provide reliable, accessible information for everyone made her a clear choice for Crypto24. With her strong advocacy for decentralization, privacy, and individual sovereignty, Heidi is helping to create a more informed and empowered community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.