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Welcome to our Coin Bureau spotlight article. The Coin Bureau YouTube channel has established itself as one of the best sources for in-depth cryptocurrency analysis and education in existence. Led by a pseudonymous analyst known as Guy, this channel has been providing unbiased and trustworthy information since 2017.

After reading our Coin Bureau review, you will know why it was a no-brainer to include this channel as a Crypto24 source.

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Coin Bureau Review: Top 12 Things To Know

  1. The YouTube channel offers high-quality,  in-depth analysis and education related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.
  1. The channel was created by a pseudonymous analyst known as Guy, who has been involved in the crypto space since 2013.
  1. Coin Bureau launched in July 2017. Since then, it has gained an astonishing 2.2 million subscribers by the time of writing, with more than 180 million total video views.
  2. Their goal has always been to offer an objective view of the crypto space. With this, Guy provides his viewers with various tips and strategies for digital asset investment.
  3. Their videos are highly researched and often feature detailed analyses of specific cryptocurrencies or blockchain projects.
  4. The channel’s calling card is altcoin analysis, with Guy detailing a range of lesser-known crypto gems.
  5. Additionally, Guy uploads tutorials relating to crypto. Examples include basic topics such as how to set up a crypto wallet, to more advanced guides on DeFi protocol use.
  6. Throughout the crypto space, the Coin Bureau YouTube channel has built up a reputation for being a reliable and insightful source of information.
  7. In fact, Coin Bureau’s reputation is such that traditional media outlets such as Forbes and CNBC have featured Guy’s work.
  8. Describing itself as your go-to informational portal, they have managed to amass a significant community following. In fact, the Coin Bureau Twitter account has just under 800,000 followers!
  9. In addition to his work on Coin Bureau, Guy is also an advisor to several blockchain projects and a contributor to various cryptocurrency publications.
  10. They do not accept payment or compensation for reviews or recommendations. The Coin Bureau team acts independently of crypto project funding.


Coin Bureau is a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. With highly researched videos and in-depth analysis, this channel has gained a reputation as one of the best sources for crypto education. For Crypto24, Coin Bureau was an obvious pick.