Who Is Benjamin Cowen? Everything You Need To Know (2023)


Welcome to our spotlight article on “Who Is Benjamin Cowen”.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this leading data scientist active in the crypto space. With a significant following and an impressive body of work, he was at the top of our list to include in Crypto24.

Benjamin Cowen’s YouTube channel is one of Crypto24’s sources, picked for its insightful content and reliable information. Ben Cowen’s commentary and analysis of cryptocurrencies are highly respected globally.

Let’s get to it: who is Benjamin Cowen?

Who is Benjamin Cowen?

Here are the top 15 interesting facts about Benjamin Cowen:

  • Benjamin Cowen is a data scientist and cryptocurrency analyst, who has become one of the crypto space’s most recognizable names.
  • Ben was educated at the University of North Carolina, earning a Bachelor’s in Mathematics and Physics. Later, he would go on to earn a master’s and PhD at the University of New Mexico in Nuclear Engineering. 
  • An interesting side note is that, during his studies, he was employed by NASA as a research assistant.
  • Most notably, Ben Cowen is the creator of Into the Cryptoverse. This premium service is for quantitative cryptocurrency analytics, written and video reports, and customized trading indicators. 
  • Benjamin Cowen is also a popular YouTube personality. Into the Cryptoverse was initially his YouTube channel, which has since amassed just under 800k subscribers.
  • Ben’s channel intends to offer educational content on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. In addition, Ben offers an in-depth analysis of the crypto markets purely from a data-driven perspective.
  • Specifically, Ben Cowen wants to provide a reliable analysis of the crypto markets backed by quantitative data. 
  • The Benjamin Cowen YouTube channel also features project reviews, discussions of recent crypto events, and more.
  • As you might have gathered, the channel’s key focus is technical analysis. Most videos uploaded intend to educate the viewers on market trends and price action.
  • Benjamin Cowen is also known to offer insight into the longer-term possibilities of certain projects he thinks have a bright future.
  • In addition, he often hosts live streams and Q&A sessions on his YouTube channel. The Into The Cryptoverse Discord community is also extremely active.
  • A big drawing point for Ben’s channel and services is their data-driven metrics, with customized statistical models and technical indicators used.
  • In turn, this gives his work an air of objectivity and an unbiased outlook on the market and its various coins.
  • Another unique aspect of Ben’s personality is his calm and measured outlook. In an industry dominated by hype-men and clickbait posts, Into the Cryptoverse is an oasis of calm data analysis.
  • Overall, Benjamin Cowen is considered a trustworthy source of information about the cryptocurrency space. Investors and enthusiasts follow his work gladly, knowing his insights and analysis on the industry’s trends are without agenda.

Benjamin Cowen: into the Cryptoverse

Ben is the founder of Into the Cryptoverse, where people can learn about macro-level cryptocurrency market activity through data science. The intention is for them to gain a deeper understanding of creating a portfolio according to their goals.

This website offers news, analysis, and educational resources for anyone wanting to know about blockchain technology and digital assets. Into the Cryptoverse provides varied and valuable content such as articles, videos, and podcasts. Topics include the latest market trends, cryptocurrency investment strategies, and anything else that might assist a crypto investor.

The main selling point of Into the Cryptoverse isn’t just its affinity to the Spiderman movie of the same name. It intends to help users make informed, calm decisions about buying cryptocurrencies. In addition, the platform provides proprietary tools to track the performance of different projects.

The website aims to provide a balanced and nuanced perspective on the cryptocurrency market, helping readers and viewers make informed decisions about investing in digital assets. In addition to its content, Into the Cryptoverse also provides a range of tools and resources for tracking the performance of individual cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects.


This concludes our spotlight on Benjamin Cowen and Into the Cryptoverse. You should now have plenty of reasons to follow this data-driven, objective analysis channel. Crypto24 picks the most trustworthy sources we can find, and including Ben’s work was a no-brainer.

Check out his Youtube channel here.