Marty Bent

Welcome to our article on Marty Bent. Marty is one of the crypto space’s most valued contributors, with a number of successful media publications. Choosing him for Crypto24 was an easy call!

Let’s get to know him a little better.

Top 9 things to know about Marty Bent

  1. Marty Bent is a Bitcoin entrepreneur and content creator. He is most famous for his newsletter, podcast and Bitcoin mining business endeavors.
  2. He runs a newsletter, “Marty’s Bent”. This publication covers all the latest developments in the crypto space, and elsewhere in the financial market.
  3. Bent is a proponent of Bitcoin mining as a way to use excess energy and reduce waste from traditional energy sources.
  4. Bent is the co-founder of Great American Mining, a company that uses Bitcoin mining to reduce waste from oil and gas wells.
  5. Marty Bent is the host of the “Tales from the Crypt” podcast, This is one of the most popular crypto podcasts out there, attracting thousands of listeners each week. The discussions are interesting, while the personalities of the hosts make for an easy listen. 
  6. Bent is also a strong supporter of the Lightning Network, a layer-two scaling solution for Bitcoin.
  7. His argument is that they distract from the fundamental value proposition of Bitcoin.  In fact, he feels that plenty of centralized exchanges try to lure users away from Bitcoin into riskier investments.
  8. He has also written articles on Bitcoin basics, and has contributed articles to prominent publications such as Bitcoin Magazine.
  9. Bent is highly active on social media and frequently shares his thoughts on Bitcoin and the crypto industry in general with his followers. On Twitter, Marty has over 170,000 followers.

Marty Bent is an incredibly insightful individual, and including him as a Twitter source for Crypto24 was a top priority for us. His media publications across different platforms are valued throughout the crypto space., so remember to give him a follow and stay at the forefront of crypto.