Josh Olszewicz

Welcome to our spotlight article on Josh Olszewicz, one of our Crypto24 Twitter sources. He is a reliable source of crypto analysis, and his Twitter is a hive of activity. He was a clear choice for us

Top 10 things to know about Josh Olszewicz

  1. Josh Olszewicz is an American writer, YouTuber, and crypto trader.
  2. Currently, he is the Head of Research at Valkyrie, a a specialized alternative asset management firm bridging the gap between TradFi and crypto.
  3. Josh is a graduate of Michigan State University with an undergraduate degree in Human Biology. 
  4. Later, he earned a Master’s degree in biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University.
  5. Before becoming a well-respected crypto analyst, he worked as a Neuroscience Lab Assistant at his alma mater. Afterward, he spent nearly five years in the neuro-opthalmologist sector.
  6. He is a self-taught trader, and got involved in the crypto space in 2013. He is most well known for his knowledge related to Ichimoku clouds.
  7. He also worked as a trader for Techemy Capital Limited, an investment management company that primarily focuses on digital assets. 
  8. Previously, he was a long-term contributor to Bitcoin Magazine, and an occasional writer for Brave New Coin. His articles were primarily focused on market analysis of a range of cryptocurrencies.
  9. His Twitter account has an audience of 170,000 followers, and he regularly shares his market views and thoughts.
  1. He also runs a YouTube channel called “carpenoctom”. He regularly posts market analysis updates for his 30,000 subscribers.

Overall, Josh is a valued contributor to the crypto space, and Crypto24 is better for including him. If you’re interested in technical analysis, and especially Ichimoku Clouds, be sure to give him a follow.