Anthony Pompliano

Welcome to our spotlight article on Anthony Pompliano. Anthony is one of our most trusted Twitter sources, with a longstanding reputation in the crypto community.

Let’s get to know Anthony a little better, shall we?

Top 12 things to know about Anthony Pompliano

  1. Anthony Pompliano, also known as “Pomp,” is an American entrepreneur and investor involved in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.
  2. An American citizen, Anthony earned a degree in economics at Bucknell University following a six-year stint in the US military.
  3. One of Anthony’s earliest jobs was at Facebook. He worked there for almost two years as Product Manager. Later, he would work at Full Tilt Capital, the venture capital firm, as a managing partner.
  4. In 2018, he co-founded Morgan Creek Digital. This is a digital asset management firm investing in crypto and blockchain technology and related businesses.
  5. Most recently, Pompliano has been the founder and partner at Pomp Investments. This firm invests in early-stage cryptocurrency and blockchain startups.
  6. He is a major Bitcoin bull, making the argument that it is superior to gold as a store of value.
  7. He has a huge fanbase on Twitter. At the time of writing, he has an astonishing 1.6 million followers there.
  8. Pompliano is a frequent commentator on the crypto industry. He has been featured on leading media outlets, such as  CNBC and Fox Business.
  9. Anthony also hosts a popular podcast called “The Pomp Podcast,” where he interviews influential figures in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.
  10. He also produces a daily newsletter through This brings his readers a roundup of all the day’s developments in the crypto space.
  11. As with many prominent crypto figures, he is critical of finance and banking systems. Compared to cryptocurrencies, existing finance is outdated and not nearly as efficient.
  12. Anthony has written several books on Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Titles include “The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains” and “The Bitcoin Pizza.”

Overall, Pompliano is seen as one of the top entrepreneurs in the crypto space and one of the most influential figures in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. His thought leadership and entrepreneurial spirit are widely respected in the community, and his Twitter account was an obvious choice for Crypto24.