Epicenter Podcast

The “Epicenter” podcast primarily focuses on the potential applications of blockchain technology across different sectors. The podcast delves into blockchain’s origins and development. The show also talks about crypto’s use cases in industries like banking, healthcare, and logistics.

Also discussed are topics like the expansion of decentralized finance, the popularity of non-fungible tokens, and the emergence of novel blockchain infrastructures (platforms and protocols).

Furthermore, the podcast regularly interviews leaders from the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. This provides great value to their listeners, who now have access to a rich insight into the industry from some of its leading minds.

The Epicenter podcast began in late 2013. Adam B. Levine, who hosted the Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast, wanted to grow his show into a network. Sébastien Couture and Brian Fabian Crain were familiar with Adam, and together they planned the Epicenter podcast. A few months later, in Berlin, the podcast released its first episode.

The team added Meher Roy as a third host in 2015.

In 2018, Sunny Aggarwal, a researcher at the Institute for Cosmology, joined Epicenter as a host.

Friderike Ernst, the chief operating officer at Gnosis, was added as a host later that year.