Crypto 101 Podcast

The “Crypto 101” podcast is a popular podcast hosted by Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone. The podcast focuses on educating listeners about the basics of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Tower 18 Capital is a crypto-focused hedge fund, and Bryce is a co-founder and investment partner there. Bryce has written a book about the future of money called Crypto Revolution: Your Guide to the Revolution. In addition, he has formed blockchain partnerships with leading corporations across a wide range of industries.

A major player in the crypto space, Aaron co-hosts the popular show Crypto 101. “Crypto Revolution,” which he co-wrote with Bryce Paul, has sold over 75,000 copies. He established a venture capital firm and is now a partner at Tower 18 Capital. Since its inception in January 2020, he has hosted the Digital Currency Summit and spoken at conferences worldwide.

How cryptocurrency works, its history and its potential impact on society are some of the many topics covered in Crypto 101’s podcast. Another feature is their interviews with recognized crypto experts, who share their knowledge and experience with the audience.