Coindesk Podcast

The CoinDesk Podcast Network is a collection of podcasts hosted by CoinDesk, a leading media company covering the crypto and blockchain industry. The network includes several podcasts, each with a unique focus and perspective on the industry.

Some of the podcasts in the network include:

  1. “The Breakdown”: Hosted by Nathaniel Whittemore, this podcast covers breaking news and current events in the crypto industry.
  2. “Money Reimagined”: Hosted by Michael Casey and Sheila Warren, this podcast explores the intersection of money, technology, and social change.
  3. “The Crypto Daily 3@3”: Hosted by Lawrence Lewitinn, this podcast provides a quick daily update on the three biggest stories in crypto.
  4. “Mapping Out Eth 2.0”: Hosted by Christine Kim and Ben Edgington, this podcast provides an in-depth look at the development and progress of Ethereum 2.0.

These are just a few examples of podcasts in the CoinDesk Podcast Network. Each podcast has its own style and focus, providing listeners with a range of perspectives on the crypto and blockchain industry.

Be sure to check CoinDesk’s podcasts on your favorite platform whenever you get a chance.