Welcome to our spotlight article on Decrypt. This is one of the crypto industry’s leading news sites, and it holds a very strong reputation in the community. Using it as a Crypto24 source was an easy call.

Decrypt is a website that was established in 2018 to demystify the decentralised web. The platform’s primary objective is to assist people to get to grips with the crypto space, through their news coverage. The website examines the most significant stories, publishes detailed profiles of the industry’s biggest players, and even shares interesting educational content. 

Crucially, Decrypt is editorially independent, and holds an agnostic stance towards technology.

The platform’s goal is to underline what is most valuable to its readers and give them the appropriate tools to understand the concepts presented. Decrypt serves as a base for all Web3 enthusiasts, guiding them through the crypto industry and helping them find the assistance they need to develop the space.

Decrypt intends to make things as simple as possible, particularly when it comes to Web3’s underlying technology and decentralized internet in general.