Welcome to our spotlight article on CryptoSlate. Picking them as a Crypto24 news source was a straightforward choice for us, as they are a trustworthy source of unbiased crypto news.

CryptoSlate is made up of a group of journalists and researchers who aim to offer intelligently curated, and easily-digestible, views of the cryptocurrency and Web3 industry. The platform’s mission is to simplify the world of digital assets and share the best stories of how it’s impacting society. In order to build, and keep, reader trust,  CryptoSlate is fully transparent in its media and information business activities. 

The CryptoSlate team is geographically diverse, operating from multiple continents and time zones to make sure you get the latest stories as they break. At its foundation, the organization is an independent entity which is registered in the United States. 

At the time of writing, CryptoSlate offers daily news, stories, andanalysis, as well as data and information on 2644 crypto assets, 446 crypto companies, 185 crypto products, and 560 people in the crypto industry. From 2017 onwards, CryptoSlate has acted as a media partner, telling you all about a total of 593 crypto and NFT events so far.

Notably, CryptoSlate follows a strict editorial policy steered by their ethical guidelines of trust, transparency, objectivity, and quality sourcing. The platform conducts background checks on all its partners to ensure their legitimacy. Needless to say, CryptoSlate does not knowingly work with any companies employing deceptive marketing or whose team cannot be vetted.

In general, you know that what you read on CryptoSlate is going to be authentic crypto news. If you are looking for a news site that will give you a clear view of what is happening in the crypto world, look no further than CryptoSlate.