Cointelegraph is an independent digital media resource, created in 2013. The platform covers a wide range of news relating to blockchain, digital assets and cutting-edge financial technology. Cointelegraph aims to offer  reliable, timely news to its readers, from the decentralised and centralised financial worlds. The editorial content strives for unbiased news reports, detailed analytics, in-depth cryptocurrency price analyses, and valuable opinion pieces. In addition, it offers frequent updates on the social impacts cryptocurrency has had worldwide.

It is the belief of Cointelegraph that the decentralized world will go through a period of continued growth, and gradually become a key part of everyday life. The platform’s team endeavors to educate its readers and make them aware of the benefits of the digital revolution going on around them. Fields such as AI, nanotech, VR and quantum computing  are all making breakthroughs in recent years. In light of this, a growing amount of businesses and individuals are implementing blockchain technology. This is where Cointelegraph comes in: they want to inform and educate their readers on these matters, and provide them with valuable updates.

Cointelegraph’s management team is based all around the world, with staff based in San Francisco, Ontario, London, Paris, Madrid, Johannesburg, and Riga, amongst other places. This allows them to provide around-the-clock coverage of the crypto space, and receive input from all across the globe. Cointelegraph places the utmost value on authenticity, and focuses on its path towards providing accurate and objective news to its audience.

Cointelegraph is at the forefront of the crypto world, and delivers unrivalled quality in its news reporting. We are proud to use them as a source on the Crypto24 app, safe in the knowledge that our users are getting nothing but the best news reports.