Welcome to our spotlight article on CoinDesk, one of the crypto industry’s premier news sources.

CoinDesk is a media and events platform which is known to offer authentic and valuable information to its worldwide audience. Its readers are actively involved in the evolution of the financial system, and embracing the emerging crypto economy. The platform is dedicated to publishing media, events, information, and numerical data for future investing generations, and the future of finance.

CoinDesk’s leading journalists and cryptocurrency prices are regularly featured in top-tier media  publications from all over the world. Examples include The Economist, Financial Times, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and Yahoo Finance.

CoinDesk Indices act as industry standard for institutional-level crypto pricing, quoting billions of dollars in trading volume against them. The CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (XBX), is a spot reference rate for Bitcoin. This index benchmarks the world’s first publicly traded Bitcoin fund and the world’s first bitcoin ETF.

The platform hosts a number of industry events and webinars each year, including the yearly Consensus summit event every May. With over 20,000 Consensus attendees, this event is recognized as the most influential event in cryptocurrency and blockchain. It is perceived as the largest and most important forward-thinking gathering of stakeholders in the global crypto and blockchain ecosystem.

Notably, CoinDesk has more than 50 active crypto journalists, making it the largest group of crypto journalists in the world. The CoinDesk platform has over 1.3 million Twitter followers, and an average of 13 million monthly viewers,

Overall, CoinDesk was an absolute certainty for our Crypto24 app. Their timely news reports are second to none, and you know that their work is dependably authentic.