Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the App?

The App's purpose is to aggregate news, Twitter feeds, videos, and podcasts from reliable and informative sources. The sources are prefiltered to avoid irrelevant content and give you the best user experience. You can customize the sources through the filter icon in the upper right corner of the App.

Is the App free?

Yes, the entire App is completely free to use.

Are there advertisements on the App?

No, there aren't any advertisements on our side in the App. As the Crypto24 App aggregates articles and content from third parties there may be advertisements in the third-party content. We take no responsibility for the third-party content and can’t influence it. The advertisements of third parties are subject to their own terms and conditions.

How can I share the Crypto24 App?

You can go to Settings and select the last menu entry, "Share App". You are shown the different Apps and options which can be used to share the download link for the App.

How can I select specific sources?

You can modify the sources through the filter icon in the upper right corner of the App. By default, all available sources are selected, and you can deselect the sources that you don't want to see.

Can I add my own sources?

No, the sources are prefiltered by us to avoid misleading or incorrect content. But we are always open to suggestions for adding additional sources. Feel free to contact us.

How can I change the theme to Dark Mode?

You can go to Settings and select the first menu entry, "Dark Mode". A popup opens where the App theme can be changed.

How can I watch the videos on Youtube?

You can watch the videos from Youtube inside our App if you click the play button. If you would like to watch them on Youtube, you can click the headline and be redirected to Youtube.

What can I see on the Crypto ticker?

The current prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum are displayed. The percent difference refers to the price which the currencies had 24 hours ago.

Can I listen to the podcasts directly on the App?

The podcast channels are pre-filtered by Crypto24 to save you the time and effort of researching trustworthy and reliable content on your own. The podcasts are hosted on Spotify, and if you select a podcast, you will be redirected to Spotify. For the best user experience, the Spotify App should be installed on your mobile phone.

Who is responsible for the content?

The Crypto24 App aggregates the content from selected third-party sources. The third-part sources themselves produce the original content, and we have no influence on it. We take no responsibility for the third-party content and it is subject to their own terms and conditions. The potential advertisement also comes from the respective third parties. The App is completely ad-free from our side.

Is there a tutorial for the App?

You can find a video tutorial on our Youtube channel. You can select the social media icon for Youtube in the Settings area and will be directed to our channel.

What is the Moonberg Group?

We are crypto enthusiasts with the mission to make crypto easier to access and understand. We develop products like the Crypto24 App, the Tracker24 App, and to reach this goal and help educate people in the crypto space.

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