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Heidi and her husband Toby present the Crypto Tips Youtube ChannelThey are excited to share everything they have learned about cryptocurrencies over the last eight years with you.

They discuss the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies, including why they were founded and what will be required for them to continue to exist in the future.

They also look at current events and how they fit into the larger picture. They enjoy hosting live streams and AMA sessions in order to build a stronger community with strong bonds.

Heidi and Tobi had a lot of success in a variety of ways by staying ahead of the pack and not following the herd. Subscribe to this channel if you'd want to learn how we do it, and let's get started!

The Youtube channel has 150k subscribers at the time of writing.

The Authors

Heidi Chakos is a YouTuber best known for her Crypto Tips YouTube channel, where she discusses developing Bitcoin and altcoin trends, potential frauds, and the global economy.

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