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The Channel

Coin Bureau was founded to provide the most up-to-date educational and instructional blockchain material to users all over the universe. The channel has grown a lot in recent years. It is reaching well over 1.4 million people every month. It intends to keep providing the same great content and videos, as well as to build its community. Coinbureau wants to be a valuable source of support and a location where viewers can really jumpstart their education in blockchain and the cryptoverse. 

Whether you're studying a blockchain project, learning about crypto trading and investing, or looking for a how-to guide, the Coinbureau Youtube channel provides great content for all these areas. They also have a resource hub, where you can find everything from blogs and newsletters to videos and exclusive bargains. Alternatively, you can limit your search to their large video collection. 

The Youtube channel has 2 million subscribers at the time of writing.

The Author

Guy first learned about Bitcoin in 2013, when his neighbourhood pub in Hackney, East London, began taking it as payment. Intrigued, he began reading everything he could about it and thus began his love affair with cryptography.

His fascination with finance began when his father, an accountant, explained how the stock market worked to him. He demonstrated how money might be put to work rather than just sitting in a bank account waiting to be spent if it was handled wisely.

Guy saw that the current financial system was not just flawed but also unsuited for its intended purpose. As a result, when he heard about Bitcoin, he was immediately fascinated. He looked it up on the internet and went out and bought some coins.

Guy begged to join the team when two buddies stated they were founding Coin Bureau. He was one of the website's first writers, and he was responsible for many of the site's early educational articles.

Then, in 2018, he mentioned starting a YouTube channel. The team began recording, and he used some old abilities on and off-camera.

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