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The Channel

Benjamin Cowen presents his "cryptoverse", which offers high-quality cryptocurrency education to individuals interested in learning more about the parameters that drive the market.

What distinguishes this from the thousands of other people/websites who debate cryptocurrencies? Many websites only discuss cryptocurrencies through memes and catchy slogans. Rather than looking at metrics that drive pricing, most analyses focus on price and price projections.

As a scientist, engineer, and programmer, Benjamin approaches cryptocurrency from a practical standpoint and uses his science/engineering/programming experience to package these metrics in a form that the community can understand. He attempts to keep a level head and give you facts that will help you investigate different coins with his chats.

The Youtube channel has 725k subscribers at the time of writing.

The Author

Benjamin Cowen is a researcher, financial analyst, YouTuber, and the founder of the "Into The Cryptoverse" analytics website and community in the United States. "Into The Cryptoverse" includes, among other things, subscription-based crypto market reporting, price research, and risk analysis.

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