Marty Bent

Marty Bent (@MartyBent)

This is the Twitter profile of Marty Bent. He joined Twitter in September 2011 and has 146k followers at the time of writing. 

Marty Bent is the creator of, a media company specialising in Bitcoin and digital freedom. Marty is also a Venture Partner at Ten31, a Bitcoin-only venture fund that invests in infrastructure that will help deliver bitcoin to the public.

The mission of his media company TFTC is to give the public a media organisation that battles the noise and pulls the public out of the fog caused by the global mass delusion. To accomplish this, they make sure that their content is as censorship-proof as possible.

This entails utilising more decentralised content distribution platforms and incorporating Bitcoin into all of their activities. By 2030, they want to be able to say that the TFTC revolutionised how content is disseminated and monetised.

The main topics on his Twitter are - as you can probably guess - to promote the benefits and most important properties of the Bitcoin network.

The decentralisation and the censorship resistance are two of the most important aspects which are often referred to.

In addition, the systematic flaws of the current financial system are explained to the followers, including some of the possible solutions Bitcoin can deliver.

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