The Pomp Podcast

The Podcast

Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano, the show's host, speaks with some of the most interesting personalities in business, finance, and Bitcoin. Pomp helps you become wiser every day, from billionaires to cultural superstars. The Podcast is focused on education about Bitcoin but it presents a lot of other interesting topics regarding the crypto space, too. Additionally 

the mechanics of the traditional financial markets are explained when necessary to understand the use of blockchain technology better.

The Author

Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano is a technology entrepreneur and investor. The majority of people simply refer to him as "Pomp." Pomp now maintains a $500 million investment portfolio, which includes holdings in several of the biggest names in the bitcoin and crypto industries.

Pomp's passions lay at the crossroads of finance, technology, entrepreneurship, and economics, which he frequently discusses with his 700,000 Twitter followers.

He also presents the popular podcast "The Pomp Podcast," which has received over 20 million downloads. Pomp also sends out a daily message to more than 150,000 investors every morning. 

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