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With a 4.9 star average across 600+ ratings and over 4 million downloads, Stephan Livera Podcast (SLP) is regarded as one of the world's leading Bitcoin podcasts and is placed in the top 0.5 per cent of podcasts worldwide. SLP is mainly concerned with educational conversations about Bitcoin's economics and technology. Stephan has interviewed several well-known Bitcoin, Libertarian, Austrian economics, and macroeconomics figures.

Join Stephan as he speaks with some of the brightest economic and technical minds in Bitcoin and Austrian Economics to better understand how money is changing and evolving. This is one of the most popular podcasts in the field, and listening to it is one of the quickest ways to learn about Bitcoin.

The Author

Stephan Livera is a Bitcoin podcaster, the Managing Director of Swan Bitcoin International, the Co-Founder of Ministry of Nodes, and a Bitcoiner Ventures Partner.

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