Crypto 101 Podcast

The Podcast

The podcast is aimed at everyone interested in crypto and deals with all relevant topics around blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The podcasters try to prepare the content so that most people can understand it.

Topics range from gaming, DeFi and metaverse to market analysis and NFTs. 

Every important topic regarding the blockchain space is covered. This podcast is an excellent opportunity to get into the crypto space and learn even complex topics presented in a simple way.

The Authors

Tower 18 Capital, a DeFi-focused crypto hedge fund, has Bryce Paul as a co-founder and investing partner. Bryce is also the co-author of Crypto Revolution: Your Guide to the Future of Money and is passionate about making crypto accessible to the general public. He's formed blockchain collaborations with some of the world's most well-known organizations across a wide range of industries over the years, and he's spoken at crypto conferences all around the world.

Aaron Malone is the co-host of CRYPTO 101 and a well-known mover and shaker in the industry. He co-authored "Crypto Revolution" with Bryce Paul, which has sold 100,000 copies to date. Aaron is the founder of ethic-focused VC firm Collective Ventures, co-founder of reHash Mining Co, and partner at Tower 18 Capital hedge fund. He has hosted the Digital Currency Summit since its inception in January 2020 and spoken at other conferences around the world.

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