Decrypt is a website committed to assisting individuals in gaining a better understanding of this brave new world.

It covers issues such as trustless networks, privacy coins, and oracles, as well as generating original coverage of the biggest news in tech, including incisive interviews on industry movers and shakers and entertaining instructional content that connects the dots for readers across many platforms! 

Consensys funds the publication, although Decrypt maintains editorial freedom in its work.

Decrypt is a decentralised web and cryptocurrency media enterprise. It has a monthly readership of around 4 million people. It is the fastest-growing blockchain-related website. Its audience expanded by a factor of 20 by 2020.

Decrypt concentrates on telling powerful stories in a straightforward and succinct manner. A lot of other content is overly technical and difficult.

Its target audience is primarily from the United States, well educated, and between the ages of 25 and 45, with a keen interest in technology and finance.

Contextual brand placements that are successful, non-intrusive, and add to the reader experience are what we believe in.

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